Gay Viruses, Trans-Rockers, and Ghost Lovers: 5 Q! Films The Islamic Protesters Don’t Want You To See

The Family Complete

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: On the day that a man dressed as a giant cat rapes grandpa, the Kanba family finds itself struck by a mysterious virus that makes all its men long for male love. The results are sexy, squirm-inducing, incestuous, and comi-tragic as each man must decide how to cope with his newfound attraction.

WHO’S THE DIRECTOR?: Japanese director Imaizumi Koichi has acted in over 100 “pink” films (Japanese romantic porn) and scribed three successful gay porn screenplays. His first sexually explicit short film Angel in the Toilet now comes on DVD with his first full-length film Naughty Boys, a raucous live-action manga about two adulterous lovers. It features a fortune-telling duck in a wheelchair, a drag queen brawl, and a sex scene involving a snake, a snail, and a frog — genki, ne?

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Homosexuality has long been called a virus and an illness so it’s nice to see a film finally push that idea to its limit. In doing so, the film makes an unexpected intersection with HIV and examines how closeted Japanese men alternately hide and explore their gay desire in a homogenic, family-oriented society. The film also reminds queers of when they first realized that their desire would fate them to live an “untraditional” life.