Gay Viruses, Trans-Rockers, and Ghost Lovers: 5 Q! Films The Islamic Protesters Don’t Want You To See

Fish Out of Water

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: Remember the “the seven deadly bible verses” that openly gay Episcopalian bishop Gene Robinson discussed with us? Well, a lesbian filmmaker has decided to make an entire film about those verses by interviewing professional clerics and queer folks and adding just a dash of her own coming out story alongside some charming animation.

WHO’S THE DIRECTOR?: Ky Dickens got rejected by her sorority sisters at Vanderbilt University when she came out to them. The experience led her to spend three years making Fish Out of Water. But she’s also done other work like filming live musicians like Concrete Blonde, Peaches, and Brazilian Girls; documenting community events around Chicago like Gurlesque Burlesque, Gay Games, and Estrojam; and producing commercial spots for big-name accounts.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: Since religious conservatives regularly bash queers with those seven verses, Dickens’ film gives ammo to those who don’t see queers rights as incompatible with religious faith. Also, the world needs more queer female directors and the international exposure of Fish Out of Water could help us see more of Dickens’ work soon.