Gay Voters Can Bring New Age, Says Besen

Equating this year’s election to that of 1992, journalist Wayne Besen urges queer voters to turn out for Barack Obama this November. If not, he says, we’re in for some serious trouble. And, to illustrate his point, Besen offers this stark contrast:

In November, we can wake up to a new day where job discrimination is outlawed, openly gay soldiers are able to serve our nation with the dignity they deserve, LGBT people are finally included in hate crime laws, our families are offered a measure of protection and America will have a moderate Supreme Court for years to come.

Or, we can rise to a dark November morning that ushers in four more ugly years of persecution, right wing demagogues on the president’s speed dial, invisibility for our families, Arabic translators kicked out of the military because of their sexual orientation and a retrograde and a reactionary Supreme Court that sets our movement back decades.

Um, well, we’d much rather have a bright future than a return to the dark ages. But, you know, that’s just us…