Gay Wars In Warsaw


Poland is quickly becoming one of the least gay-friendly places in the world. Even more so than Texas. Last month the country elected a very anti-gay president. And earlier this month, a LGBT group was denied a permit for a pride march.

Gay rights activists have been taking to the streets of Gdansk, Lodz, and a bunch of other Polish cities whose names we can’t pronounce, protesting the banning of the march. They haven’t been met all that warmly.

All this has pissed off those super-tolerant bitches at Amnesty International. We doubt the organization’s response will consist of anything as infantile as, say, a food boycott. And, yes, we are referring to the Republican’s ingenious campaign against the French and their “native” cuisine of French fries a few years back.

We have faith that Amnesty International will think of something much more clever, much more purposeful.

Sadly, that means there will be no boycott of polish sausages this year.

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