Gay Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime In The Pages Of X-Men

Marvel Comics has been teasing a wedding for Astonishing X-Men #51, out in June, and according to comics site Newsarama, it’s going to be mutant speedster Northstar and his boyfriend, Kyle, who get hitched.

It makes sense — new Astonishing X-Men writer Marjorie Liu has established that Northstar will be part of the book’s cast, and a same-sex marriage would show that Marvel is willing to take the same progressive step that Archie took recently, in marrying off Kevin Keller in their alternate future title Life with Archie.

On a practical level it makes sense, too: Currently, the X-Men are based in San Francisco where, alas, same-sex marriage isn’t legal. But Northstar is Canadian—he could race Kyle up to Quebec, tie the knot and return to base in the time it takes Wolverine to pop his claws.


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  • doug105

    Given how badly they failed with the northstar comic I don’t have high hopes for this.

  • MJ

    I trust Marjorie Liu. I don’t trust Marvel tough being that one of the good books they canceled (X-23) was written by her

  • PK

    At least Marvel isn’t furiously killing off their gay characters this time around… :-P

  • Lex

    Still waiting for Iceman to come out.

  • Olive Austin

    Lex, I think you mean “for Iceman to cometh out”.

  • MJ

    @Olive Austin: I’d rather he cometh out than dateth Kitty Pride

  • iluvcakes

    Lex what makes u think iceman is gay?

  • skzip888

    Yes, but do superhero marriages in general really last that long? All those horny fanfic writers despise monogamy so..

  • Andrew

    Knowing the comic book industry it’s only a matter of time before poor Kyle get’s found stuffed in a fridge…

  • Neal Summers

    We’ve come a long way since Extrano.

    Marvel’s done fairly well with Wiccan and Hulkling. We’ll finally get to see them kiss.

    I wonder if Pied Piper and Obsidian will still be gay in the DCnU.

  • Tom

    i am sure a million mons protest will happen soon

  • Lex


    In the 90’s or so in an issue of Uncanny X-Men (I think), Iceman almost came out to Jean Grey while they were shopping for clothes. He makes a comment about how he always ends up “filling this role” for the group or something, and then tells Jean he wants to tell her something, and that he thought she already knew, then lingers a bit. Just as he was about to come out, the (f*cking) X-Babies burst into the scene and ruined everything.

    That’s from memory. Some details may be off.

    There have also been a plethora of clues that he might be gay or bi (most unintentional, some on purpose) throughout his history. But this all depends on the writer, and since the X-Men are a franchise owned by a company (Marvel) his character has been written by dozens of different writers who all take him in different directions. Recently writers have made him get into numerous hetero relationships.

    So whether he is actually gay or bi or straight is totally at the whims of whatever writer(s) currently are using him. But at least a few writers have put intentional clues down that he is in the closet.

  • ST

    They are LATE. The Authority had a gay wdding between two of it’s stronger characters in the 90’s…..

  • Red Soldier

    Marvel, I am disappoint.

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