Teams Rally For Big Event

Gay World Cup Kicking Off in BA

If you’re down for taking a trip, we suggest you heard to Buenos Aires this weekend:

Latin America will host the gay football world cup for the first time in the tournament’s 16-year history when the event kicks off this weekend in Buenos Aires. Twenty-eight teams, many representing cities in Europe, the United States, Australia and Latin America, as opposed to countries, will play in the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association’s (IGLFA) competition.

…”The players approach it with a lot of enthusiasm and strength. We’ve been preparing for a year and we want to win,” said Nestor Gammella, trainer for one of the Argentine teams.

Yeah, yeah, we’re sure they’re great, but, honestly, we couldn’t give a shit. We’re just in it for the balls.

While the Argentine’s have been welcomed with open arms, Mexican player Andoni Bello says his country men weren’t so keen on the queer team: “We’ve knocked on a lot of doors, many of which did not open. A lot of people just stare and don’t support us.” Don’t worry, we’re cheering you on, Bello. Go team!