Anonymous "Tip" Brings Texan Down

“Gay Wrestle” Teacher Resigns

A Fort Bend, Texas teacher got the smack down last week after a tipster alleged he appeared in over fifty gay, wrestling-themed videos.

It all started on September 7th, when anonymous source emailed the Sugar Land Clements High School as well as a number of news sources claiming that the unnamed educator had been supplementing his income with a little x-rated action.

The teacher, for his part, denies the claims, writing to KHOU: “I cannot believe what I am reading and neither should anyone else. I take this very seriously and deny the validity of this supposed tip.”

Although an investigation did not verify that the actor and the teacher are, in fact, the same person, the teacher has reportedly resigned from his duties. It’s unfortunate, because, as a local reporter notes, “[t]he pictures and videos do not appear to be illegal and we did not find anything in department policy that specifically forbids the teacher’s actions.”