Gay Wrestler Slams Stereotypes

Like so many young faglings, we grew up watching wrestling. Our fascination, of course, had less to do with the raw displays of hyper-masculinity and more to do with the fact that the so-called sport afforded us a few unadulterated (and unquestioned) hours of watching men in spandex pin one another. As happens, we grew up and forgot about wrestling almost entirely. That is, until this story popped up.

It seems that one Chris Klucsarits, a former wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment (or, as we remember it, the World Wrestling Federation…yeah, we’re kind of old), used last week’s National Coming Out Day as a platform to out himself nationally.

While working in the body-slamming industry, Klucsarits (then known by his stage – ring? – name, Chris Kanyon) kept his cock-loving ways to himself, putting so much pressure on himself that he ended up attempting suicide.

Fortunately, his efforts fell flat and Klucsarits realized that he couldn’t escape his sexuality. Retiring from the WWE, he’s now spreading the gay gospel, and did so last week at Northern Kentucky University.

While on the surface this may sound like a throw-away story, it seems to us that Klucsarits’ tale has the potential to really change minds. Wrestling garners some of the highest syndicated ratings in America. If Klucsarits can reach his former and – we’re hoping – current fans to show that not all homos fit the stereotypical mold, then he has the potential to become a great ally for gay communities.

And, if you ask us, gay activism needs a little more muscle. (Ha!)