Gayer Than Ikea


As if Crate and Barrel wasn’t gay enough, the store has a new(ish) line of furniture that has Ikea in its crosshairs. CB2 (stupid name, yes) is actually a step above Ikea, a line that will make your pad look slightly different than all your friend’s places.

CB2, that’s who. A new destination from Crate and Barrel that dials up the fun. Smart designs, clever materials. Neat stuff, cool colors. A point of view: In the know, on the go. A ‘look what I found’ kind of place. For all the places you live. We’re one find of a store (actually two) in Chicago, and because we get constant phone calls from all over about when you’ll be able to shop on our Web site, well, here we are.

Alright, so it’s a little obvious they’re going for the “young and gay” demographic but who cares? Their stuff looks as good as some of the higher end places but without the price tag. Just resist the urge to buy anything called “The Liberace Candleholder.”

CB2 [Official Site]