Gayest Gays 2005: So Gay!


We conclude our wrap-up of the year that was just So Gay! We’ve reveled in the queerest coming out stories, blogs, music, and everything else that made 2005 a big fat homo. Now it’s time for the crowning of the ultimate queen: the Gayest Gay of the year!

5. Marc Cherry. The man responsible for giving birth to those fabulous bitches Bree, Lynette, Gabrielle, Edie, and Susan. This year, thanks to Cherry, we were given regular weekly doses of Desperate Housewives, one of the campiest shows since that other Marcia Cross series, Melrose Place. We love him for his both his bitchiness and queeniness.

4. Jeff Gannon. A whore who slept with closet case politicians and then magically landed himself in the White House Press room. If you ask us, that’s pretty gay.

Ellen Degernes

3. Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen’s career just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She’s found her biggest mainstream success by putting on her dancing shoes for her daytime talk show. Also, Her relationship with fellow small screen lezzie Portia De Rossi has kept her never dull love life in the public eye.

2. Ang Lee. Yes we know he’s straight. Still we had no choice but to include the man who directed Brokeback Mountain, the gay movie of the decade. Besides, you can’t get any gayer than directing love scenes between two hot sweaty twenty-something studs. Unless of course it’s a Jet Set video.

The biggest gay of the year after the jump!

elton John.jpg

1. Elton John. The bitch has alwyas been a big flamer and it is exactly why we love him. This year Sir Elton was named ambassador to the Gay Games. His show, Elton John: The Red Piano in Vegas played alongside Celine’s bash. But the prime gay moment for Elton came at the very end of 2005; He tied the knot with longtime partner David Furnish, making him the most famous married gay in the world. Well at least until a certain scientologist weds his pregnant fiancée next summer.

We predict married life will bring the world a more domestic Elton, but that doesn’t mean he’ll lose any of his queerness. When you’re that gay, honey, it never goes away.

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