Gaymers: The Survey

We’ve always had an intense love for videogames from an early age. Whether it’s fighting, racing, role-playing, or strategy, we’ve been up for it, and have even been perhaps a little too immersed at times in virtual worlds (though we’re dealing with that). We don’t usually like to use Queerty as a platform for talking about our own personal hobbies, but there is a reason, we promise: someone wants to know!


There is a survey that is the first-ever academically approved study on gay video gamers, or “gaymers,” as some like to be called. It examines issues ranging from gays playing video games as a means of coping with social isolation to the use of video games as a way to play sports without being discriminated against. It’s interesting stuff, especially if you’re a “gaymer” yourself.

One item they didn’t look at was the fixation by some gay men on kick-ass girl characters (in fighting games, in particular). Maybe we’ll start our own study.

Take the survey here.

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