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Gaypril Showers Bring Gay Flowers

I’m not that far away from having graduated college, but I never knew about this thing called “Gaypril,” where queer activists on college campuses use the month to raise awareness about L! G! B! Ts! Did you? At Harvards, Allies Marco Chan, Class of 2011, and co-chair of the group Harvard Queer Students, “stood outside the science center in high heels and a dress, the flowing tendrils of an ebony wig cascading down his back. When he walked into class after tabling, his professor had difficulty tearing his eyes from the young man in women’s clothes, and ended up returning to the topic of drag throughout that day’s class.” And that’s the point, says Chan: getting everyone’s eyebrows to raise a little bit so they recognize we’re here, we’re queer, now get us a skim half-caf latt]e.

Here’s a blog post about UMass’ Gaypril celebration in 2007. Here’s an item about Goucher College going gay last year. From what I can tell, these events are used as opportunities to screen gay cinema and put bouncy houses on the quad.

Which means only one thing: How long before Absolut and Discover Card become the corporate sponsors of Gaypril?

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