Gays Are Abnormal, Must Be Bashed

Red Square

A bitter battle is brewing in Moscow. Russia’s Muslim leaders are ticked about a planned gay pride parade in the spring. And, in order to make it sound relevant, they’re making sure everyone associates the march with the recent Mohammed cartoon protests.

“Muslims’ protests can be even worse than these notorious rallies abroad over the scandalous cartoons,” Tajuddin, of Russia’s Central Spiritual Governance for Muslims, told ;the Interfax news agency.

“The parade should not be allowed, and if they still come out into the streets, then they should be bashed.”
He also said that the powerful Russian Orthodox Church would likely join in protests.

“All normal people are going to join it – Muslims and Orthodox alike,” he told Interfax.”

All “normal” people would most likely include such notable names as George Bush, Poland’s Lech Kaczynski, and of course, our favorite roman-numeraled guy, Pope Benedict XVI. They’d all take to the streets of Moscow, pitchforks in hand, prepared to go head to head with those nasty pride marchers. That would be the best face-off since the Jets versus the Sharks.

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