Gays’ Babies Be Expensive

We always knew kids cost money, but we had no idea! With more and more same-sex couples finding and impregnating surrogates, fertility clinics and the such are simply raking it in, as revealed in an AFP article today:

An ever-growing number of gay couples are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have surrogate mothers carry their babies, turning America’s concept of traditional family on its head.

To fulfill their dream of parenthood, [many couples] to Circle Surrogacy, a company that helps people find egg donors and host mothers and navigate through the legal and medical insurance process.

“It is a very successful business,” said Circle Surrogacy President John Weltman.

“In 12 years we have grown 6,000 percent with no borrowing whatsoever and profit made every month,” he said. “We expect to double in the next two and half years.”

When the company was launched, 10 percent of its clients were gay couples. Today, 80 percent are same-sex couples from 29 countries.

The process costs at least 100,000 dollars, with 25,000 dollars going to the surrogate mother and between 4,000 and 10,000 dollars of the egg donor. The rest goes to the agency, medical costs and legal fees.

We’re definitely in the wrong business!