Gays Call Arizona Out

Arizona-based gay activists have a message for Arizona: stop discrimination. As Congress debates the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Equality Arizona’s Sam Holdren says the Copper state needs to take a stand for queers. And he explicity names Republican presidential candidate John McCain:

Arizona law doesn’t protect people from being discriminated against in their employment based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. So, as you could imagine somebody who’s the victim of a hate crime or eyewitness to events and reports it to police and the story makes the front page of the paper and they’re out of a job because their employer doesn’t like the fact that they’re gay…I think ultimately what it’s about is it’s about anti gay sentiment. People aren’t willing to step forward and to protect all citizens in this country regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Senators McCain and [Jon] Kyl are afraid to step up and do the right thing.

Sorry, Holdren, conservative McCain’s too busy doing the Right thing…