autocompletely busted

Gays describe the unique experience of being outed by the ‘G’ key

In many cases, autocomplete makes our lives lazier easier. For some gays, though, it’s a source of anxiety when others — and parents in particular — use their computers.

One user in the r/askgaybros subreddit said that the “G” key one of the biggest culprits. “Guys talk about how they panic when their parents type ‘P’ in the Google search bar on their computer. That’s only for straight guys,” he wrote. “For us, its ‘G.’”

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His observation rang true for other Redditors. “It has [happened] to me,” one wrote. “My cousin was searching for ‘games’ and saw a myriad of gay porn.”

Other users, however, pointed out that Pornhub’s gay channel can come up when one hits the “P” key. “Certainly got an interesting convo started with my wife!” one wrote.

And other gays noted that Pornhub isn’t the only “p” search term that can out a dude. “I totally just searched the term ‘penis’ into Google Images,” one wrote. “My strategy was to then search a bunch of other ‘p’ words and ‘pen’ words to push the penis search down. [I don’t know] how the f*ck I didn’t figure out that history existed, though, with genius solutions like that.”

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Another divulged he has “anxiety” about his Facebook search, since he’s been crushing on a guy whose name starts with a P. “I’m nervous one day he’ll say, ‘Add me on Facebook,’ and he’ll see the Facebook search suggestions on my phone the moment I type in ‘P,’” he added.

A bisexual user, meanwhile, said he’s “just resigned to using an incognito window for everything.”

More than one user suggested going incognito for XXX browsing, but remember, that’s a relatively new web browser feature. Quoth one Redditor, “Some of us didn’t have those software luxuries when we were in our teens lol.”