Gays Don’t Really Want Marriage. They Want to Nuke the USA

Did you know that you actually don’t want to get married? You just want to destroy American values! All that fighting — in Maine and Washington this month, in California and Connecticut and and Massachusetts before — is just because you’re out of work and have so much time on your hands to dedicate to bringing down Christian America. Whew, thank you Pat Robertson, for preaching the truth!

(via MM)

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  • Jayson

    Oh, just die already, you old fool!

  • PopSnap

    I think that George Bush Sr. was born in the wrong year, or possibly taken forward in time by space aliens. I can only make the hypothesis that his actual birth date was 1890, or something?

    That way, the fucking relic could be saying shit like, “The negro really doesn’t want to vote, they just want to undermine white tradition.”

  • PopSnap

    Nevermind, this is actually Pat Robertson. They both look and act alike in many respects.
    Whatever a bigots a bigot is a bigot.

  • Vo Dong Cung

    They against LGBT at altimes be cause they are afraid their “Holly Bible” worthless

  • 780

    The traditional moral values of America? I never knew what they were to begin with, and furthermore, whenever I did hear them spoken of they were inevitably from the lips of people such as Robertson.

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    @ Vo

    I think you’re right. The bible is worthless, but not as worthless to someone who uses it to wield self-righteous indignation.

  • Anyway

    I have Pat Robertson to thank, in part, for coming to terms with my sexuality.

    One day on the 700 Club back in 1994, his sidekick went on a riff, addressing people who might have homosexual temptations.

    She looked into the camera, and quite sincerely spoke about how God doesn’t want you to be miserable and depressed. And she was right: He doesn’t. Everything about her plea was spot on, except for the conclusion.

    It was a timely message to hear. I was 22 and lonely. And thank God I had the independence of mind to see past the ignorant suggestions at the end.

  • YellowRanger

    With all the celebrity deaths this year, why the hell can’t this bigoted fossil be one of them?

    DJ AM? Dead at 36. Pat Robertson? Alive and well, pushing 80.

  • John

    Why does anyone in America listen to this traitor? He and Jerry Fallwell were ranting on TV that America deserved to be attacked on 911, even while people were desperately digging in the rubble in New York and at the Pentagon looking for possible survivors. This man hates America, hates Americans and wishes us harm. His actions during a time of true crisis exposed him for the traitor that he is.

  • Dick Mills

    He does look like he is at least 3 days dead, but the corpse just won’t stop blabbering. But, didn’t that spokeswhore with him just get divorced? That sounds to me like SHE doesn’t want to be MARRIED a hell of a lot more than I don’t. And that she’s doing a lot more to DESTROY the “institution” of marriage than anything that anyone else is.

  • HayYall

    I’ve got my finger on the trigger

    Love is in control!

    I’ve got my finger on the trigger

    I ain’t lettin’ go

  • James P. P.

    I had no idea. I’m so behind. I have so much work to do….

  • GeoffM

    @ James P.P.: ROFL, ditto.

  • terrwill

    Just in time for Haloween!! A talking Skeleton!!!! If you ever want to see just how dangerous this old windbag is watch his 700 club show. He hoodwinks blitheing idiots to tithe a guaranteed percentage of their annual income to his “religion”. These poor hilbillies who don’t have a pot to pee in are so eager to board this lunatics crazy train figuring they will reap tremendous rewards by tithing to this crazed skeleton…….

  • JR

    & who is that offensive bitch propping up that near-dead puppet??? Did she just ‘three snaps up & down’ all over us??? Oh no she di’en’!!! GURL… I WILL CUT YOU!

    OY VEY! Somebody has already taken my Skelator costume idea for Halloween! I guess it’s back to the Travelocity Gnome for me…

    Remember, there has to be a villain in order for there to be a hero! And yes, evil never dies, but it does look like hell even with all that television makeup on!


  • B

    Vo Dong Cung wrote, “They against LGBT at altimes be cause they are afraid their ‘Holly Bible’ worthless.” The Pat Robertson types are so much against LGBT people because feeding existing cultural prejudices is a good way of pumping up those all important ratings, not to mention donations from gullible viewers.
    It has nothing to do with the Bible, or “God Almighty”, but rather “The Almighty Dollar”.

  • Attmay

    No. 9, John: You have it exactly right. Pat Robertson is an American Osama bin Laden. You don’t have to strap bombs to your chest and ululate to be a terrorist.

  • Stone

    What a load of horse manure! This is not 1936! As they said in the old days ( Remember Mr. Robertson?) “The times..they are a changing”. If heterosexuals can get married and divorced as many times as they wish..and if Catholics can get an ANULLMENT to state they were never even married, why is it the religious right is always perpetrating that gays are a harm to society? In a world when many politicians, celebrities, and even preists are bringing down their own moral and societal fibers…its ludricrous for stagnant bigots like Mr. Robertson to even attempt to continue an antiquated and extremely bigotted stance. The days of “scare them” into mindlessness is over. The world is changing daily. Its time for Equal rights!

    P.S. Yes, Mr. Robertson…I DO want to marry my same sex partner of over 13 years. Heard that? I DO. I DO…deserve and want the same rights. I DO.


  • KyleR

    So in a Judeo-Christian society Priests and Bishops molesting children and married men and women having affair is is completely acceptable and ok? But the Gays… Oh letting them get married, well; that’s just going to destroy our morals!!!

    Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.

  • B

    KyleR wrote, “So in a Judeo-Christian society Priests and Bishops molesting children and married men and women having affair is is completely acceptable and ok?” Not OK in a Judeo-Christian society, hence all the preaching about fornicators and adulterers. Besides, if you are selling a guilt trip, what better thing to make people feel guilty about than sex?

    As to some priests and bishops going after children, it is not OK either in a Judeo-Christian society but admitting it was possibly viewed as bad PR, and avoiding bad PR outweighed turning the miscreants over to the police. The Catholic Church learned the hard way that covering up crimes to avoid embarrassment can be a very expensive proposition, particularly if covered up in such a way that it lets the perpetrators commit still more crimes, once people find out and start suing for damages.

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