Gays Free to Answer 2010 Census’ Relationship Questions Any Way They Want

“The 2010 Census will be the first to report counts of both same-sex partners and same-sex spouses,” explains Adrienne Critcher of PACE, Louisiana’s LGBT political outreach group that’s working with U.S. Census Bureau. “The person filling out the form (Person 1) is asked to identify how all other individuals in the household are related to him or her. Census data are based on how individuals self identify and how couples think of themselves. Same-sex couples who are married, or consider themselves to be spouses, can identify one other adult as a ‘husband or wife.’ Other same-sex couples may instead decide to use the term ‘unmarried partner.’ In general, people who identify as unmarried partners are in a close personal relationship but are not married or do not think of themselves as spouses. Census data are based on how individuals self identify. This includes same-sex couples who live somewhere their relationship is not recognized.” And jesus, please stop counting your two cats as your dependent children, because that is not funny.

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