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Gays, Geeks And Gay Geeks Unite At New York Comic Con 2011

From booths by Geeks Out and Prism Comics, to the jam-packed “It Gets Better (Through Comics)” panel, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo popping by to plug The Avengers movie, and a legion of cute boys in skin-tight superhero kit, there was a multitude of attractions for queer comic-book, video-game, sci-fi and pop-culture lovers at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con.

We’ll be reporting on some of the news we gleaned from the four-day geekapalooza later in the day (it’s a lot to digest) but for now, enjoy this slideshow of costumed characters we found roaming the Javits Center. Not surprisingly there were quite a few dudes in Wonder Woman drag.



Images via Lawrence Ferber, Kevin Qui, Marnie Joyce, Rasdourian, First Person Shooter

The Deadpool clan
Chris Evans of "The Avengers"
3-D Man
Mark Ruffalo of "The Avengers"
Dazzler, Miss America, Catwoman
Geeks Out booth
Power Man


An Indigo Lantern from the Green Lantern comic book

Joker and Wonder "Woman"
Another Wolvie
Yet another Wolverine
Teen Titans
Spider-Man and the Black Cat
A bear Wonder Woman
Superman and Lois Lane


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