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Gays, Geeks And Gay Geeks Unite At New York Comic Con 2011

From booths by Geeks Out and Prism Comics, to the jam-packed “It Gets Better (Through Comics)” panel, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo popping by to plug The Avengers movie, and a legion of cute boys in skin-tight superhero kit, there was a multitude of attractions for queer comic-book, video-game, sci-fi and pop-culture lovers at this past weekend’s New York Comic Con.

We’ll be reporting on some of the news we gleaned from the four-day geekapalooza later in the day (it’s a lot to digest) but for now, enjoy this slideshow of costumed characters we found roaming the Javits Center. Not surprisingly there were quite a few dudes in Wonder Woman drag.



Images via Lawrence Ferber, Kevin Qui, Marnie Joyce, Rasdourian, First Person Shooter