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  • Dennis

    I would love a smart, tough lesbian on the court…(either that, or Judge Judy)…I’m afraid any lesbian would be put thru confirmation Hell by the rethugs, but having “family” on the court is still a nice, if unlikely, thought to entertain…how great would it be to see the faces of Thomas and Scalia if a lady-lover was on the bench…ha! She’d own their asses.

  • reversion

    a gay nominee?

    i wouldn’t be surprised if he nominated an RIAA lawyer with the way he’s stuffed the justice department.

  • Evan

    I COMPLETELY agree with Dennis — a lesbian on the bench is LONG overdue. Here’s hoping this will lead to a more fab and a more fair bench!

  • BrianZ

    *cough* Well I don’t share the opinion that putting up a queer for a seat on the SCOTUS would be super. I would much prefer a well rounded, reasoned choice that was likely to continue where Justice Souter left off. If that person happens to be gay, fine, but making that a selection criteria is something else entirely.

  • NewYorkness

    If Sotomayor were a lesbian (does anyone know?), then she would be the perfect female, latina, lesbian candidate.

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