Gays Heckle Obese Mole Rat in Minnesota—Oh Wait, It Was Newt Gingrich!

A gust of hot air warmed the chilly Midwestern air in Bloomington, MN, yesterday. But our original assumption that it was an overweight rodent passing gas proved inaccurate. It was a creepy critter of a different variety—a newt.

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was stumping in the Gopher State (more rodents!) when protestors interrupted his speech to call him out for his homophobic platform.

The Hill reports:

“Hey Newt, why do you support discrimination against gays and lesbians all the time? Serial hypocrisy!” a young man yelled at Gingrich, interrupting his 40-minute speech. After he was pushed out of the room by what appeared to be a supporter, a second young man took up the charge in the back of the room, chanting, “No hate in our state, why do you discriminate?”

As the crowd began chanting Gingrich’s name, a woman approached the second protestor and grabbed his wrists. Before a fight could break out, police escorted [the protestor] from the room.

That guy’s lucky he got out when he did—we’ve heard tale of Gingrich gnawing his way through an entire phalanx of glitter-bombers.

Photos: Roman Klementschitz, Gage Skidmore