Russia Drowns Sorrow In Better, More Expensive Vodka

Gays Hit Russia Where It Hurts

Some New York gay activists are so fed up with Russia’s continued carelessness with queer rights, a trend exhibited most recently during Moscow’s bloody pride, they’re taking their battle to the streets. Or, East 91st, where Russia keeps an embassy. Good ol’ Joe from Joe.My.God fills us in on the details:

With Russian news cameras rolling, rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker and gay activist Brendan Fay poured Stolichnaya vodka into the street in front of New York City’s Russian embassy in protest of the treatment of Russian gays by their government.

Brendan Fay attempted to deliver a letter of complaint to the embassy staff, but they did not come to the door. I spoke briefly with the Russian news team, seemed sympathetic to the cause and promised that their story will run on Russian satellite news later today.

Russian gays will definitely appreciate the effort, but we’re not too sure the government’s going to give two shits (or one) over a bunch of queers quitting Stoli.

Shit, you kids should have quit Stoli a long, long time ago.
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