hell hath no fury

Gays kick off “LGBTQ Wrath Month” by boycotting Nivea amid allegations of homophobia

Pride is followed by Wrath. And since June was Pride month that means July is Wrath month. At least, according to Washington Post columnist Anthony Oliveira.

This “LGBTQ Wrath Month,” the gays seem to have set their sights on global skincare company Nivea after news broke that the company had been dropped by its ad agency amid allegations of homophobia.

Just to recap: According to Ad Ageit all started when the brand rejected an image the agency pitched depicting two men’s hands touching.

In a call with agency creatives, a rep from Nivea allegedly said, “We don’t do gay at Nivea,” unaware that one of the people on the call was gay.

In response, the agency announced it was terminating its account with the skincare company at the end of 2019, when its contract expires.

And then came the wrath.

Shortly after the story broke, #boycottnivea began trending as the gays and their allies took to Twitter to voice their outrage…

In a statement issued last week, Beiersdorf, the Hamburg, Germany-based parent company that owns Nivea, said it does not tolerate discrimination of any kind:

We are an international company with more than 20,000 employees with very different genders, ethnicities, orientations, backgrounds and personalities worldwide. Through our products, we touch millions of consumers around the globe every day. We know and cherish that individuality and diversity in all regards brings inspiration and creativity to our society and to us as a company. No form of discrimination, direct and indirect, is tolerated.

Hmmm. Somehow we’re not sure that statement’s gonna cut it.

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