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Gays + Lesbians Invited to Fund President’s Party That Has No Time For You


Didn’t get an invite to the White House’s gay-inclusive Easter Egg Roll? Then here’s your chance to plop down at least $1,000 (or as much as $30,400!) for a seat at the Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council dinner on June 25 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. Joe Biden will be there! And if you’re lucky, Rick Warren will serve you appetizers! But sorry, the evening’s program is already full, which means you’ll have to wait … till sometime “down the road” … for things like marriage rights and the ability to serve openly in the military. [Queers United]

UPDATE: A letter from the DNC’s openly gay treasurer Andrew Tobias half-criticizes/half-supports Obama’s record on gays thus far. And yes, he still wants your money. IT’S A DOOZY, so we’ve posted the entire letter on the next page (which talks about Rick Warren, marriage, the lack of “signals” that Obama supports us, ), but here are some relevant bits:

It’s hard to be pleased and angry at the same time. Indeed, I think there are medications for that. And yet I think it’s what a lot of us feel these days. we’re pleased to have a President we can be proud of . . . pleased to be one Al Franken away from having at least partial control of the Senate (partial, because not all 60 will always follow orders) . . . and pleased to see our issues just one click off the home page for all to see ( ). But . . . but . . . There are a lot of buts. I’m sorry to send such a long email, but there’s a lot to be frustrated about, and those who feel it most acutely deserve a serious response.

[…] In a perfect world, the President would have parted from Senator Clinton and run in the primary supporting marriage equality. Instead, he called for full repeal of DOMA. That was his position then, that is his position now. Once achieved, it will have the effect of giving all 1,138 Federal benefits of marriage to any couple – from any state – that takes a trip to Massachusetts or anywhere else they can get legally married. That’s a very big deal. I totally get that we wish he could just turn around now, a few months after the election, and – having won – say he now favors marriage equality. Or make a statement congratulating the people of Iowa and Maine and New Hampshire – which amounts to the same thing.

[…] At some point in time I truly believe Obama will mount the bully pulpit in favor of gay marriage. But the timing is the important factor. If you read Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals” you will see the our pre-eminent president on moral issues did not jump on them from the very beginning. He waited until the timing was exactly right. Timing is everything in making sure you bring about the result you want.

[…] But – in the words of Dixon Osburn, who co-founded SLDN and spent 13 years running it – “The notion that the President could do away with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with ‘a stroke of the pen’ is misleading.”