Gays Love Blogs, Being Informed

While much of mainstream culture continues to marginalize the gays, homos are taking things into their own hands. Or, rather, fingers.

A Harris Interactive survey indicates that we queers read more blogs than the heterosexuals.

When asked, just over half (51 percent) of the gay and lesbian respondents reported reading some type of blog, compared to 36 percent of heterosexual adults. A similar question on blog readership also was asked in November 2006, and at that time 32 percent of gay and lesbian adults then reported reading blogs.

Regarding the varied interests of blogs, the survey found 28 percent of gay and lesbian adults reported reading news and current issue blogs, compared to 19 percent of heterosexuals. More than a quarter (26%) of gay and lesbian adults also read entertainment and pop culture blogs, compared to 11 percent of heterosexuals. Given the heightened interest in this year’s electoral contests, a significant number, nearly one-quarter (23%), of gay and lesbian adults also read political blogs. In comparison, only 14 percent of heterosexual adults reported reading political blogs.

Is this the right time to start a discussion about evolution? What? Was that a low blow?

Meanwhile, the survey also found that gays use technology for other purposes, like “instant messaging,” which could mean any number of things.

[Note on the image: we had a hell of time finding an indicative picture for this piece, so we searched “homosexual computer” and found this one. You can tell they’re gay because the top has a goatee.]