Show Love With Loyal Dough

Gays Love Companies That Love Gays

Gay consumers like to be informed – and, more important, like loyalty. A recent study shows that gays and lesbians prefer brands which reach out to queer communities.

Some 88 percent of gay men and 91 percent of lesbians claim that a brand’s sponsorship or support of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) events favorably influences their buying decisions, according to a study released today from Community Marketing, San Francisco. The study also found that 89 percent of gay men and 91 percent of lesbians said that the way a company treats its gay and lesbian employees is also a crucial deciding factor in purchasing decisions and their future business with a brand.

Definitely true. We’re not down with companies shitting on their gay employees. In fact, we favor companies that lavish their homos in luxury. They can totally shit on their straight employees, so long as the gays get what they deserve: everything.

The study also took a look at which publications gays and lezzies like. Both groups, it seems, support The Advocate, while more gay men read Out and the ladies go for Curve. With regard to mainstream media, men prefer Men’s Health, while our double-X peers prefer O the Oprah Magazine and, predictably, AARP Magazine.

Lesbians love retirement role play.