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Gays Love Other People’s Internet Opinions More Than Breeders


A new Harris Interactive survey found:

* Fifty-five percent of LGBT respondents reported that they read some type of blog regularly, compared to 38% of heterosexuals;

* 55% of LGBT adults are on Facebook and 43% are members of MySpace;

* Among heterosexuals, only 46% are on Facebook and 30% are on MySpace;

* 20% of LGBT consumers reported using Twitter compared to 12% of heterosexuals;

* 23% of LGBT respondents said they were a part of professional networking site LinkedIn, compared to 13% of heterosexual adults.

This is an increase over last year, which can mean only one thing: Heterosexuals are having their hands chopped off at a higher rate than gays, thus less able to use the information superhighway.

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  • Smokey Martini

    You just know that nun is surfing the net for dirty porn. Look at how she drools!

  • Em

    I think I am living proof that numbers dont mean anything. :D

  • Smokey Martini

    Okay, now onto a more serious note:

    It seems the survey is suggesting that heterosexuals are being served the information they want (and need) through more traditional media like radio and television, while LGBT folk must scour the net for issues and information that are relevant to them. It’s only a symptom of the lack of LGBT representation in mainstream radio and television, which forces the under-represented class – in this case, LGBT folks – to find topics of interest in more navigational and user-defined media like the internet.

  • schlukitz

    @Smokey Martini:

    Point well made, Smokey.

    As so well pointed out, what has Fox, or any of the other media have to tell us of interest (or truth)?

  • timncguy

    you know when the fundies see this data they will use it as proof positive that gays are trolling the internet to convert children into the gay lifestyle.

  • Chuck

    That is what happens when words and logic are the medium and violence and intimidation don’t come into play. Think about it.

  • Bitch, please!

    @ SMOKEY MARTINI: “You just know that nun is surfing the net for dirty porn. Look at how she drools!” LMFAO!
    As for the reasons, I think that is because many gays sometimes are able to vent their opinions/frustrations on these blogs anonymously. That is probably because they are closeted and so cannot discuss gay issues as openly like their straight counterparts at work or when in company with straights. I know from my past experience from my closeted days, how difficult it was to sit through snide remarks about gay rights and gay jokes. It was horrible! But even today, I have to be careful watch myself what I say where–it is hard being gay! That is why it galls me when motherfuckers like Fat Robertson say it a chosen lifestyle. UUUGGGH!

  • archo

    It must means that the internet is gay.


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