Gays March Against Violence In New York City Tomorrow


The same night that Kevin Aviance was brutally attacked near the Phoenix Bar last weekend, there were two other gay-bashings in Queens a few hours later. Whether it’s a backlash to Pride as often happens during June, or just a reflection of the current American culture war, we don’t really care, but we agree with those at the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project when they say enough is enough.

There will be a march tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, June 17

Where: Where: Gather at NE Corner of 14th Street and First Avenue at 2PM; march at 3PM to Christopher Park (Christopher & West 4th Streets)

Some folks are advising gays to carry razor blades for self-defense, but we’re a bit squemish about that idea. Blades make us uncomfortable anyway and the prospect of introducing a razor blade into an already heated situation with some crazy-ass gaybasher seems like asking for trouble. We’ll leave that up to you all, but please go to the march tomorrow.

March and Rally this Saturday [NYCGLAVP via ELH]