Gays Miffed At Possible James Dobson Radio Honor

Evangelical leader James Dobson again finds himself at the center of a scandal.

No, he hasn’t blasted Barack Obama‘s “fruitcake” interpretation of the Bible or constitution. In fact, this controversy doesn’t directly involve Dobson. Rather, it’s the Museum of Broadcast Communications who’s to blame.

As they do every year, the Museum has released its the nominees for the not-so-coveted Radio Hall of Fame, and included Dobson, whose Focus On The Family radio show touts conservative policies. And the gays aren’t feeling it…

Non-profit group Truth Wins Out definitely isn’t happy about the potential Dobson honor and have started a petition urging the Museum to turn their backs on the hate-mongering radio host. Reads the petition:

[Dobson] has said that allowing gay people to marry will “destroy the earth.” Focus on the Family hosts the nation’s largest so-called “ex-gay” conference – where they claim to convert homosexuals.

Dobson has also been accused by seven researchers in two years of twisting their work to promote his anti-gay political agenda. Clearly, Dobson lacks the character and integrity to be considered for the Radio Hall of Fame.

While that may be true, the Hall of Fame’s selection criteria don’t address personal politics, just the nominee’s merit and career trajectory. For example, Dobson could fit this criteria: “A broadcaster who has given at least 20 years of dedicated service to the radio industry and has been a leader in developing or improving radio programming at the national level.”

Alright, “improving” remains subjective, but Dobson definitely counts as a pioneer – he started his first Focus radio broadcast in 1977 and currently reaches about 220 million people in 164 countries. That’s certainly awe-worthy and we bet people would admire him if he weren’t such a lowdown dirty bastard. Whether his occupational accomplishments deserve remains a question.

We just rang the Museum and, after explaining ourselves, were told there are no press representatives who can answer our simple question: “Are political stances considering in the nomination process?” We’ll let you know if our email requests are answered.

In the meantime, what do you think: should personal beliefs be considered when honoring a person’s influence or “dedicated,” “distinguished” career?

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  • Trenton

    Sorry to answer your question with another question…but when you say personal beliefs, do you mean the beliefs that the individual holds dear and practices in their daily life (good or bad), or do you mean the beliefs that the individual tries to force on others through fear-mongering, misrepresentation, and slander?

    I must say reluctantly that if the Museum is to remain completely non-biased, the answer is no in either case. There are only so few people who are on the air for two decades, and almost all of them are ideologues like Dobson. That being the case, if the Museum chooses to narrow the field by ruling out those who are political, they won’t be left with many to pick from…and if they pick and choose whose politics they like, then it is a political award, not one for broadcasting at large.

    In the end, the only people who will be impressed by this are his slathering audience, who would already kiss his fundament and call it ice cream. Foreverafter, the Radio hall of Fame will be nothing more than an endurance award to me (make it this long, no matter how wretched you are, and we’ll give you this here trophy!)…but this is the first time I’ve even heard of it, so I really couldn’t care much less anyways…


    Not so much their personal beliefs but the ideology they promote through public airways.
    Which in Dobson’s case is a hate filled one.

    But bah! who listens to the radio anymore?
    People over 60, its becoming a more irrelevant medium of entertainment and information with each passing year

  • Kree

    What award?
    What’s a radio?
    File this under non-event.

  • rayrayj

    If a stupid-ass can be awarded the Presidency of the US twice, why shouldn’t another stupid-ass get a radio hall of fame award? At least once…

  • KJ

    If we get our panties all in a twist about an award that nobody has heard of, everybody will hear about it and Dobson will use the reaction to garner contributions from his listeners as he plays the victim to godless homosexuals.

    Ignore it, and let it go away.

  • mark

    Radio Hall of Fame is an award I never heard of, so if they likee Daddy Dobson it’s no skin off my a$$, I agree with kree….non event.
    It’s not like he won Design Star or something equally prestigious.

  • ajax

    Obviously, the K’s have it – I’m with Kree and KJ. This is an award no one knows or cares about. The MOBC is trying to garner publicity by giving an award to a name that draws controversy. This award is so precious and meaningful, that anyone can register to vote for the winner – even you. If you like, you can register to vote here:

    Vote for someone other than Dobson.

  • Scooter Bangs

    As a g/l/b/t group, I think we should always speak up and protest, but losing this ‘battle’ is not an issue. I support Queerty for bringing it to our attention, i encourage folks to vote and alert friends and co-workers about this bullsh*t, but move on.
    Time and the growing youth of America are on our side. Thanks for keeping us alert Queerty.

    The once King of England, the Duke of Windsor, vacationed with his buddy Hitler. you can’t stop water from seeking it’s own level.

  • Kyler

    I agree that this is somewhat of a non-issue, radio-what-award..

    Dwelling on it though, this man became famous by throwing around hatred for people that he claims are evil and yet these same people are now more or less proven to have been created that way by his holy/perfect creator. Sounds similar to the men saying black people are the devil.

    Giving this man an award showing radio accomplishment would be like giving Hitler an award for the scientific accomplishments he made at the expense his brutal exeriments during the Holocaust. Yes he transformed radio, but at what cost. Does humanity really want to condone this man? I would hope not.

  • ajax

    Just as an FYI – Dobson’s co-nominee is Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Perhaps the Museum knows exactly what they’re doing and IS promoting an agenda of hate.

    Sic ’em.

  • RPCV

    He’s protected by 1st amendment rights. If you don’t like/agree with him, change the channel…

  • Kyler

    Forgive me if I’m wrong (although I’m not) but no one said anything about shutting down his radio show and discontinuing his 1st amendment rights… We simply have stated that it discredits the award givers for supporting such hate.

    If you don’t like the blog, visit a new site RPCV.

  • porsha

    Dobson might want to re-read the sermon on the mount once in a while! Oh wait, didn’t he take credit for that already?

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