Gays Need To Grab Ballots, Says Out‘s Hicklin

With anti-gay ballot initiatives passing in Arizona, Florida and possibly California, Out editorial queen Aaron Hicklin’s got some advice for the lavender set: ask for what you deserve.

…For all that we consider ourselves more politically savvy these days, the campaign against Proposition 8 sometimes lacked the passion and emotion that galvanised the opposition. In their painful diplomacy, the “No on 8” TV ads were often a snooze, the few examples of real gay people creating an impression that we were ashamed of ourselves.

Late tactical changes were welcome, but too late. And yet to blame ourselves when the real culprit is intolerance, ignorance, and old-fashion bigotry, would be misguided. And what the ballot box has taken away, it will surely one day give back again. So far all the ballot initiatives (and there have been many) have come from those opposed to same-sex marriage, putting gay Americans on the defensive. Is it too much to ask that we take the lead next time in creating a ballot proposal that is for marriage equality, thereby draw up the terms?

For those of you confused by this Brit’s argument, allow us to translate: we need to grow a collective pair. Oh, and he also describes gay rights issues as a “political liability,” an idea that we’re sure needs no translation.

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  • Darth Paul

    How about just not always apeing the breeders and not giving a sh!t about “marriage” instead? The millions sunk into this fool’s crusade could’ve gone to numerous other very valuable, pro-queer efforts like rights to adopt, be foster parents, protect housing rights and jobs (particularly for lower income queers), helping homeless youth, legal aid for queers in fascists areas of the country, etc.

  • Darth Paul

    Er…sorry, that’s “fascist” (adj.).

  • afrolito

    I agree. The marriage thing has no real interest for me, and has always seemed like a desperate way for fags to feel “normal”. I do think civil unions are worth fighting for, as they ensure legal rights for partners.


    ^ You’re not alone in that sentiment within your ethnic community, heck you’re in the MAJORITY:

    “Not yet clear why Prop. 8, which had been losing in polls, passed. Ted Olsen at Christianity Today thinks Barack Obama, who opposed the measure but not gay marriage, helped:

    But African-American Californians overwhelmingly supported Prop. 8, by a 7-to-3 margin. Black women (who made up 6% of the electorate) were even more supportive, telling exit pollsters they voted for the measure by a 3-to-1 margin.”

    OBAMA ’08


    See the types of cunts you supported and helped advanced into government my Gay brothers and sisters!



  • go away

    your comments hold no validity, and your existence sets back the gay community

    go away

  • Keith

    I agree we need to grow a pair. Look a how Stonewall mobilized the gays around the nation and we celebrate it every year with Gay Pride. THen we have the AIDS crisis in the 80s and early 90s where we had to resort to acts of civil disobedience. We were able to change the way drugs were approved nationally. I believe we have to take what it rightfully ours and not rely on our “friends” to do it for us. Gays have gotten too complacent and have settled for political handouts. We have proven time and time again that we have to do things for ourselves. I think Will and Grace has done more harm to the community than good. Though it has created more exposure in the public eye it has also made us seem more docile. If we get in their faces enough they’ll give us what me want to get rid of us. Just a thougth

  • Dave

    We need to mobilize and get something done. We cannot sit back and wait for the public to accept us, fuck them! You never get change unless you demand it! Be weak and see where it got us…a bowl of shit. I say fuck you black people who did not support us, how soon we forget, fuck you evangelical christians and Mormons…I will see you in Hell!

  • akaison

    The African American civil rights movement needed both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to make it happen. Maybe it’s time gays start to consider that there needs to be a civil rights version of ACT UP as a counter to HRC?

  • Aaron, without the Hank

    Grain of salt. This is the same guy that pronounced “Little Britain USA” the best show on tv (it is the worst) and like that other freak editor always splits hairs around his post-Gay-ness. Cynical, self hating bitches, as far as I’m concerned. As for Marriage, it is a beautiful notion and will eventually come to pass.

  • Phoenix (Who voted "NO" on 102 and Wants To Kick A Something Hard)


    It’s about CHOICE! I have no interest in getting married, either, but I want it to by my choice! It’s a civil rights issue! They are denying us the choice!

  • go to girl

    I can’t listen to anything an editor from OUT has to say. Look at his magazine and you can see where his priorities lie. he sells rock hard abs, waxed chests and fashion. you wonder why gays don’t think about the big stuff? Look at our own gay media.

  • ray

    heard about all the threats by you filthy faggots,how you are going to murder christians and burn down churches,try it,you will end up with a gasoline enema.

  • bobito

    After a long cooldown time to breathe and think, here’s a couple of ideas:

    Every same-sex couple that got married in California is entitled to state reimbursement for any and all legal fees they paid for their marriage licenses, etc. With a good lawyer, they can probably sue for reimbursement of their wedding celebration bills, too. After all, they got married in good faith that their unions were legal and protected by the State, and celebrated those unions in good faith, which they certainly would not have done, had they known their marriages would be forcibly annulled within months. Every church that involved itself in this issue should be named as a co-defendant and we should begin exploring legal steps to have those churches’ tax-exempt status rescinded.

    The more it costs the State of California for this adventure in discrimination, the better. The more we can make people feel effects of this ill-advised attempt to disrupt what is inevitable, the sooner they will understand not to interfere with what should never have been their legal business in the first place. And they best place to make them feel it is in the wallets.

  • Jaroslaw

    Bobito – I’m not a lawyer but a similar experience has me very leery of what you are saying. A friend of mine tried to use time under the family medical leave act signed under Clinton when her 90 year old mother had a health issue. Her supervisor was an ass and denied it. My friend could have sued in regular court and won but here’s the important part – IN THE LAW ITSELF, THERE IS NO REMEDY FOR VIOLATIONS. So, Congress can pass all kinds of laws that sound lovely but if the words “$1000 fine for violations” is not included and the federal or state attorney general doesn’t want to prosecute it you’re out of luck. (we called the AG, with all the terrorism stuff etc. they claimed they didn’t have resources to deal with her small potatoes issue…)

  • Jaroslaw

    Darth Paul & Afrolito (who I usually agree with) – Go to Girl makes some excellent points – I would like to add one – “no man is an island.” I don’t need society to approve of every decision I make, but marriage is important to me, we do belong to society on some levels and for society to say we aren’t worthy cannot be so nicely dismissed. Although I do understand your thoughts that is may be a patriarchal insitution or whatever.

  • Uncle Mike

    My ex- is now in Hong Kong, partly due to visa issues. Marriage might not be important to some gays, but it’s very important to this one.

  • bobito

    Jaroslaw – thanks for your thoughtful answer to my suggestion. I’m certainly no lawyer, either. I still believe we need to investigate legal venues to rescind tax-exempt status for churches that want to impose their strictures on tax-paying citizens who are not members of those churches, and should therefore be none of those churches’ business. They pumped a lot of money into this campaign, and that money was all taken in tax-free.

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