Gays Need To Grab Ballots, Says Out‘s Hicklin

With anti-gay ballot initiatives passing in Arizona, Florida and possibly California, Out editorial queen Aaron Hicklin’s got some advice for the lavender set: ask for what you deserve.

…For all that we consider ourselves more politically savvy these days, the campaign against Proposition 8 sometimes lacked the passion and emotion that galvanised the opposition. In their painful diplomacy, the “No on 8” TV ads were often a snooze, the few examples of real gay people creating an impression that we were ashamed of ourselves.

Late tactical changes were welcome, but too late. And yet to blame ourselves when the real culprit is intolerance, ignorance, and old-fashion bigotry, would be misguided. And what the ballot box has taken away, it will surely one day give back again. So far all the ballot initiatives (and there have been many) have come from those opposed to same-sex marriage, putting gay Americans on the defensive. Is it too much to ask that we take the lead next time in creating a ballot proposal that is for marriage equality, thereby draw up the terms?

For those of you confused by this Brit’s argument, allow us to translate: we need to grow a collective pair. Oh, and he also describes gay rights issues as a “political liability,” an idea that we’re sure needs no translation.