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Gays, Not Jesus Lovers, Are America’s Most Attacked Minority

Sorry, Concerned Women for America: Not only are you now an official hate group, but you’ll be saddened to know that Christians are not the most targeted demographic in America, as you might want us to believe. That honor belongs to the gays, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s report released late last month, which dubs queers the “minority most targeted by hate crimes.” Of course FOTF doesn’t believe sexuality-based attacks qualify as hate crimes, so there.

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  • Randall Krause

    So queers are the most attacked group? I thought LGBT activists reclaimed that word represent the entire LGBT movement. So when did queer now exclusively pertain to gay people?

    Also there’s proven underreporting of statistics of assault and battery toward transgender people. And I suspect that victims of hate crimes who happen to be bisexual or pansexual are frequently misreported as well.

  • Screaming Queen

    Transparent much? I can’t help but notice the dhimmitude present here, and my gay agenda is less than amused. While that womens group may be making some b.s. statements, I don’t hear tons of christians whining about harassment and discrimination, no the group whining the most is the muslims, and has been since 911 even though stats show it’s gays and jews being harassed waaaaaaay more often. Omitting the truth is as bad as lying, and while you’re quick to label these rabid women as a hate group, I’ll bet you two burquas you don’t have the balls to call Islam a hate group…AND IT IS!

    Oh, and speaking of hate groups, those Southern Poverty Pimps are a hate filled group of sad little somebodys that reeeeeally need a few hugs and some lessons in tolerance & civil discourse.

    Flame away ;0)

  • Rando

    Islam is as much of a hate group as Christianity is.
    Or in my opinion, all religion.

  • REBELComx

    @Rando: I’m an anti-theist myself, so don’t take this the wrong way but…
    Wicca, Taoism, Buddhism, Greco-Roman-Norse recreation religions, untainted versions of Hindu and Native American religions, Satanism… none of these are hate groups and actually embrace the diversity of it’s members. It only seems to be the big three monotheistic religions or newer versions of older religions that have been influence by them that have a problem with it.

  • Joe

    @Screaming Queen: You talk about all these other groups being full of hate, but hate is all I got out of reading your comment.

  • Mike


    He’s a troll. The best thing to do is ignore them. They tend to come here and write silly things for a reaction.

  • AndrewW

    Religion is “afterlife insurance” without an actual policy. To be a religious believer is delusional and/or lazy.

    We should go out of our way to laugh at religious people, not promote or persecute them. They are going out of business – knowledge and reason are winning.

  • Hilarious

    Bullshit. The fact that homosexuals come in all races, colors, shapes, and sizes alone disproves that our sexuality based “minority” can’t possibly be the most attacked group of people.

    We’re not all the same. It’s not easy for people to hate all gays when everyone on the planet is related to someone who’s gay.

    The true “I hate all homosexuals!” crowd is a minority in itself. Most bible thumpers, while equally silly, keep their hatred silent or down to a dull roar.

    There are sites littering the internet devoted to hatred of black people.

    While Stormfront goes without saying check out and tell me that only gays are hated.

    Now realize that racial hatred isn’t something that people in real life come out and say or show, they find other more “subtle” ways to screw you while letting you know they’re screwing you.

    You may hear “fag” from a co-worker or even hear a story about someone being fired for being gay, but you don’t have to worry about gay kids being put in schools without books and being denied a proper education.

    I’m not even sure how sexuality can be considered a minority when the majority in America is white which means the majority of gays in America are white so the majority of gays in America are a majority.

    Sometimes you need to step away from that tiny fiddle and remember there are plenty of other people in America being bullied and have been the target of it for far longer.

  • Philip

    Someone needs to learn how a venn-diagram works.

  • Justin N.

    @Hilarious: So, you’re saying that no one has to worry about gay kids being denied a proper education. What B.S. If you’re saying you went from 1st through 12th grades in this country without seeing or hearing your gay or gender non-conforming schoolmates be criminally harassed, then you either have your head in your ass or, more likely, you’re simply A LIAR.

    WHY do the bullshit, dude? What is it inside yourself that makes it needful to deny the persecution of our community? What’s the payoff for you? Psychiatrists tell us that when we do things, it’s because there’s some kind of payoff in it for us. You might wanna look into that…

    [And, curiously, you seem to think that a person can only belong to one demographic at a time. The simplistic, need-to-see-things-in-all-black-or-all-white view of things must be so frustrating for you. Have another cocktail?]

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