Gays Pissed Over Some Military Law Storm the Office of Fellow Veteran Sen. John McCain

This afternoon at Sen. John McCain’s office in Phoenix, military veterans including First Class Petty Officer Allen Howard (see below video), Meg Sneed, Jimmy Gruender, Luisa Valdez and Lee Walters entered and refused to leave, demanding the lawmaker support a repeal for DADT. They were promptly arrested. Interestingly, the protest was organized by Equality Across America activists (they behind the National Equality March), and not GetEQUAL’s Robin McGehee and Kip Williams, who left EAA in November and organized the White House chainings.

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  • Cam

    No surprise that McCain doesn’t give a crap about these gys. he voted against the bill that was only bringing veterens benefits back up to what they used to be. This guy only cares about himself and getting reelected.

  • AndrewW


    Publicity stunts don’t change any minds or votes.

  • Brian

    I think it would help John McCain to work harder to understand the needs of veterans — like not dumping them on the street after they put their lives on the line for their country. His torture and captivity as a prisoner of war should have elevated him to a deeper compassion for veterans. However, it has had the opposite effect. It has made his as cruel and as evil as his captors toward soldiers who have ask for his help, and whom he has refused.

  • jamison

    that’s more like it!


    The Gay Vets are in trouble if they “depends” on help from McCain……………

  • Jon

    True, but action is always good. I still believe in Hope and Change for our movement. Action needs to be taken on all platforms.


    @Jon: J.I am 100% on board with the Gayvets showing their displeasure and getting as much publicity as possible, however Sen. McCrankypants has proven that he doesn’t give two shits about the Gays who served their country with honor…………..

  • Brutus

    This is good. Confronting our opponents while still earning media coverage. Much better than aggravating our [lukewarm] friends.

  • AlanReeser

    McCain is a fossil who’s clearly off his meds. Cam is right – his only interest is being reelected and if he makes it this time, he’ll go right back to ignoring us Arizona citizens – the ones who won’t get stopped because they’re caucasian or African-American.


    Only by pressing from all sides will we get our rights. I’m so proud of these activists for this action!

    Btw, I remember quite a few people saying that nothing was going to happen after the National Equality March. Well, the people here and the people from Get Equal all cut their activist teeth with the march. So many of us across the country have become family and support each other fully. I’m not an EAA board member anymore, however, all day long I was Twittering and making calls to Senator McCain’s office in support of these folks. We believe in each other and no one group is trying to hog the spotlight.

    Hopefully, more groups will see that the glory will be grand enough for everyone to share when we achieve full equality.

  • AndrewW

    This will help get McCain re-elected.

    GetEqual = LGBTeaBaggers

  • jeffree

    @AndrewW: Ever notice you consistently get voted down? Let’s apply your own logic and vocabulary to your posts:
    Your strategy to change minds is ineffective and NOT working as evidenced by how many of your copy/ paste rants are voted down on Queerty and other sites you post to.

    You need a strategy to WIN, not just stunts.

  • tjr101

    Well this is more like it. Instead of heckling those who are already for repeal of DADT, go after those who are against a repeal. That makes more sense.

  • counterpoll

    McCain may have been a hero once, but his patent disregard for the brave women and men who currently serve in the armed forces is shameful. We have lesbians and gay men who want to serve their country and McCain stands by while those people get kicked out, not because of incompetence but because of their sexual orientation.

    Don’t forget that his wife & daughter both have spoken out publicly about lgb rights. Apparently, not only doesn’t he listen to them, but he also doesn’t care about people in the military who want to continue serving their country but risk being booted from the military only because they are lesbian or gay.

    Whoever said he was “off his meds” is right. He’d rather save his seat in the Senate than let well-trained military women and men protect our country.

    Buh-bye John!

  • edgyguy1426

    @TJR101 You can state you’re ‘for’ something but not do anything about it…well for about as long as you can unless someone ‘heckles’ you into making good on your position. The McCain protest is probably going nowhere because he’s being pulled even further right by his tea party opponent and nutjob J.D. Hayworth. Arizona lately is just a national disgrace.

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