Gays Protest Ex-Gays


You may have heard about the gay/ex-gay protest that happened this weekend. No? Well, here’s the deal: a gaggle of ex-gays gathered in Palm Springs for the “Love Won Out” conference. The event, sponsored in part by those lovely bigots at Focus on The Family, allowed ex-gays the chance to condemn their former gay brothers and, in the most diplomatic ways, we’re sure, offer their help in exorcising all shades of faggotry from the world. Among the illustrious speakers was Nancy Heche, good ol’ ex-gay Anne’s mother, who has previously called the AIDS related death of her closeted hubbie “the worst thing in the world.”

Meanwhile, proud gays (organized by EX-Gay Watch and Unity Rally, respectively) gathered with signs sporting such ra-ra messages as “Don’t psychologically torture your children!” Now that’s a cheer if we’ve ever heard one.

An ex-gay woman came out early in the day and greeted them graciously, a trait apparently found often in their kind.

Obviously, this is something people are really passionate about: we got an email from ex-gay watchman, Daniel Gonzales this morning saying, “If you plan on writing about the Love Won Out in Palm Springs I led a group of people from Ex-Gay Watch and wrote a first hand of the account here.” which at 8 o’clock in the morning can sound a bit abrasive. (A please wouldn’t hurt next time, young man.)

Still, we appreciate his enthusiasm, so here’s the link.

One thing worth mentioning is the split between Ex-Gay Watch and the Unity Rally protesters.

Because nothing helps a united front like splitting into smaller groups…