“Gays Recruiting,” Claims Ugandan Paper

Uganda’s anti-gay activists have some real balls.

Just one week after Bishop Eria Paul Luzinda claimed greed breeds gays, the Independent newspaper ran an article insisting same-sex lovers are looking for new recruits.

…The signs are there that homosexuality is growing in the Ugandan society. Between September 22 and 27, workshops were held at the Grand Imperial Hotel and at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel. Both workshops were organized by the gay community in Uganda. At least once a month, a workshop of this nature is held in a different town somewhere in the country.

Normally, the agenda of these conferences is to encourage the gay community not to feel alone, to network, introduce new members, offer sex education and to raise money to support gays who are being persecuted because of their openness about their sexual orientation and also to recruit new members. Recruitment is reportedly highest in secondary schools and in prisons.

Gasp! They’re onto us!