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Gays share wisdom with adult video addict wanting to enjoy sex IRL

There’s plenty of information about how adult content warps our perceptions of sex and body image, but what would you tell a guy whose consumption makes him unable to enjoy the real deal?

“Hard addict here,” a Reddit user wrote in a recent thread. “How long until my brain resets to enjoy real sex with men? I’ve noticed every time I’m with a guy I can’t [climax] and [am] always thinking of [adult videos] to finish, which is so bad. I wanna get better. Any ideas?”

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One commenter advised the original poster to stop watching the stuff immediately, including explicit images. “It’s a drug like any other,” he claimed.

He also recommended not masturbating as much. “Desensitization is real,” he wrote. “I was (still kinda am) at a point where I felt nothing from blowjobs, just cuz I’ve jerked or death-gripped too much. Don’t let that be you.”

And during one’s self-love sash? “Practice with lube, condoms, toys, switching hands, new positions,” the commenter added. “Anything to simulate the real thing.”

Another commenter agreed with most of those points, but quibbled with the masturbation moratorium. “Maybe just don’t watch [it] while you do it and focus on the sensual pleasure and real-life sexual experiences you’ve had,” he told the original poster.

And a third commenter recommended the subreddits r/pornfree and r/fightthenewdrug, both of which focus on helping users contending with porn addictions.

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Healthline, meanwhile, asserts that the American Psychiatric Association doesn’t recognize porn addiction as an official diagnosis, but a 2015 review article did conclude that Internet adult content addiction “fits into the addiction framework and shares similar basic mechanisms with substance addiction.” The site also says “addiction may lead to poor relationship quality, lower sexual satisfaction, [and] lower self-esteem” and recommends therapy and support groups for individuals affected.