Gays Show Support for Immigration Reform


Across the country yesterday, thousands of gays and lesbians marched for a legislative overhaul of immigration laws.

Many participants are drawn to the legal fight because of their international lovers, who they can’t sponsor for citizenship. According to a 2000 census, there are 40,000 such couples living openly in America, none of whom have the legal protections granted straight binational couples.

Along with public displays of disaffection, LGBT activists have their eyes on Congress, which has shown small support for the Uniting American Families Act. The bill will allow binational same-sex couples the same rights given to straight couples of the same ilk.

Some gay conservatives have said that gays have no place in other social movements, insisting gay power should be just that: gay. What do you, our darling and opinionated readers, think of all of this? Should we stand up for immigration rights or keep our words for more overtly “gay” issues?

“Gays Join Marches for Immigration Rights” [365 Gays]

Here’s a link for the Human Rights Watch’s 191 report on Immigration Law: “Family, Unvalued…” [Human Rights Watch]