Gays Still Fighting Anti-Gay Holsinger

The stink surrounding Surgeon General nominee, Dr. James Holsinger just keeps growing. Human Rights Campaign unearthed a 1991 document Holsinger wrote for the United Methodist Church. The paper, entitled “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality” explains that God created men and women to complement one another. When this plan’s not honored, well, bad things happen:

..The logical complementarity of the human sexes has been so recognized in our culture that it has entered our vocabulary in the form of naming various pipe fittings either the male fitting or the female fitting depending upon which one interlocks within the other. When the complementarity of the sexes is breached, injuries and diseases may occur as noted above.

The diseases noted include lacerations, perforations and death. Lacerations? What the fuck does he think gays do in bed?

Dr Joel Ginsberg, who heads the San Francisco-baed Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, remarks: “He’s pathologizing homosexual practices to make a point. And we think that’s inappropriate scientifically.”

Um, what about morally?

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