Gays Throw Bad-Ass Parties


Now that everyone in the world is aware just how kinky Bill O’Reilly really is, he’s sending his producers to go undercover and do the dirty work for him. He had producer Jesse Watters crash (and videotape) the infamous SexPowerGod party put on by Brown University’s Queer Alliance each year.

So what kind of information did his in-depth investigative reporting uncover about this college party?

Watters, who told O’Reilly during the segment that he bought his ticket for $80 off the Internet, said he heard students having sex in the bathroom stall next to him and saw others having sex behind the DJ booth.

Watters said he observed “guys kissing guys and girls making out with girls.”

“It was the wildest party I’d ever been to,” he added.

Well as Bill would say, a party’s only a party when someone’s broght the loofa.

When O’Reilly asked if the majority of attendees were gay, Watters said most were heterosexual, but added, “I think the core group that hosted the event was gay. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the party.”

We won’t argue that gays throw the best parties. But poor Jesse had no idea what he would be exposed to; nubile young girls licking one other with freshly pierced tongues in the same room with inebriated boys touching one another. Is this what college students are up to nowadays? They don’t just lock themselves up in their rooms reciting Latin?

We suspect Bill took those tapes and added them to his “private collection.” What’s next up for heralders Bill and Jesse? An expose on goings on at the Playboy Mansion, perhaps?