Gays To Marry On “Big Brother”?

As Britain’s Big Brother gears up for yet another season of voyeuristic television, rumors have been circulating that show will feature not one, but two men of the homosexual variety. 24 dash reports:

Stephen Ireland and James Joell are set to enter the infamous house in 12 days, and reportedly want to make history by becoming the first same-sex lovers to wed on a live reality TV show.

The couple auditioned for the 8th series of Channel 4’s Big Brother in February, dressing as a bride and groom and were thrilled when they heard producers plan to have a real on-screen wedding.

A source said: “It’s their dream to be the first couple to marry on TV. I hope they manage it – they’ll be forever remembered as pioneers.”

Producers will neither confirm nor deny that the butt boys will appear on the show.

We hope they are, because we just stumbled across the queer cut-ups’ website and we have to say we’re in love. Watch the video above and tell us you didn’t fall in love. C’mon, we dare you!