Gearing Up For Marriage Fight In Iowa

The lavender light shines on Iowa once again this week. GOP lawmakers recently failed in their mission to reinforce the state’s marriage laws, which explicitly define nuptials as between one man and one woman. Now, on the heels of that defeat, Lambda Legal has filed seventeen briefs in an effort to bolster Judge Robert Hanson’s 2007 ruling: restrictive nuptial definitions are unconstitutional. Hanson subsequently became a gay hero when he started issueing marriage licenses, which were later invalidated.

The Lambda kids aren’t the only ones fighting for the gay rights. Former Lieutenant Governors Joy Corning and Sally Pederson released a joint statement supporting their queer comrades:

We are proud of Iowa’s long history in ensuring fairness and equality for all Iowans. We signed our names to a brief submitted to the Court because we believe that the Court is the proper place to decide this matter. We have a keen understanding of the different roles the courts and legislature play in leading our state and treating all Iowans with fairness.

Pediatricians, lawyers and religious leaders also joined the battle, which will no doubt be a total rager.