Geeks Out Invites You To Skip “Ender’s Game” For Other LGBT-Friendly Sci-Fi Fun

Skip Enders GameThe big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s award-winning sci-fi novel Ender’s Game arrives in theaters today in a cloud of controversy thanks to its author’s extreme anti-gay views. Over the summer, online LGBT sci-fi group Geeks Out called for a boycott against the film in anticipation of its release and on its opening night they’re hosting some events around the country as an alternative.

Geeks Out will be screening the fabulous The Fifth Element in New York and Dallas; Bryan Singer’s X-Men in Austin; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in Chicago; karaoke, booze and games in Orlando; and a salute to George Takei’s iconic Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu in San Francisco, among other events in other cities.

Make sure to check out what and where else Geeks Out and their online initiative to Skip Ender’s Game has in store. As they put so succinctly about why you should boycott Ender’s Game: “A boycott such as Skip Ender’s Game can’t retroactively affect the pay of the film’s cast and crew, which is not based on box office sales. Those profits go to the studio, producers, and Card.”

And if it’s going to Card, it’s probably also going to the National Organization for Marriage.