Geeks Out Invites You To Skip “Ender’s Game” For Other LGBT-Friendly Sci-Fi Fun

Skip Enders GameThe big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s award-winning sci-fi novel Ender’s Game arrives in theaters today in a cloud of controversy thanks to its author’s extreme anti-gay views. Over the summer, online LGBT sci-fi group Geeks Out called for a boycott against the film in anticipation of its release and on its opening night they’re hosting some events around the country as an alternative.

Geeks Out will be screening the fabulous The Fifth Element in New York and Dallas; Bryan Singer’s X-Men in Austin; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in Chicago; karaoke, booze and games in Orlando; and a salute to George Takei’s iconic Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu in San Francisco, among other events in other cities.

Make sure to check out what and where else Geeks Out and their online initiative to Skip Ender’s Game has in store. As they put so succinctly about why you should boycott Ender’s Game: “A boycott such as Skip Ender’s Game can’t retroactively affect the pay of the film’s cast and crew, which is not based on box office sales. Those profits go to the studio, producers, and Card.”

And if it’s going to Card, it’s probably also going to the National Organization for Marriage.

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  • Cam

    Well Queerty, nice to see you correct your previous article, even if you had to soft shoe it by using somebody else’s words.

    But it is a shame that you need a bunch of outraged comments before you do.

  • Ron Jackson

    From what I understand Card doesn’t get any profits from the movie. He simply sold the rights to it about 10 years ago. You don’t have to boycott this film.

  • MikeE

    @Ron Jackson: Horsecrap.
    Card has a producer credit on the film. It means he DOES get financial returns on the films profits.

    If he’d simply sold the rights years ago, then his name would simply be in the credits as “based upon the novel by…”

    What people like you seem to forget – or not think through – is that if the film is a success, his books will see a resurgence in sales, which means more money for him as a direct result of the film being a financial success.

    If the film is a success, they will want to adapt further stories from the series (and from what I hear, there are 13 books – that’s a LOT of profits for NOM) into new films.

    So yes, the boycott is STILL on, and yes there IS a perfectly good reason to continue boycotting the film.

  • Cam

    @Ron Jackson:

    That is a last ditch desperate attempt to lie. And funny how they are just claiming this now.

    1. Card is ALSO a producer on the film and DOES get funds if the film is a hit.

    2. If the film is a hit, it makes Card’s other books more attractive for future purchase by studios.

    But nice try.

  • Cam

    Amazing how desperate people are to make gays forget that Card was a board member of NOM and was a decision maker while they were pushing Prop 8 in Ca. and other anti-gay legislation.

    If you want more money in NOM’s or other anti-gay groups coffers, then sure, go see it.

  • litper

    I’d better help some gay charity than give my money to a man who actively supports murder of gay kids around the world!

  • CharlotteGonzalez

    Eva explained I cant believe that someone can profit ($)8599 in one month on the internet. did you look at this web site>>.>

  • zaneymcbanes

    @MikeE: Not all producers get a cut of a film’s profits. The title is actually fairly meaningless unless you are in the last “PRODUCED BY” credit right before the movie starts. Studios like giving authors a producer credit because it helps the author to feel connected to the project (as well as their fans to feel like the author supports the finished project). Just look at all your favorite shows where the main actors are listed as “producers.” It can mean as little as a person just sat in on a meeting or two. With Summit announcing that Card will not be paid, it’s clear to me that the producer credit is more vanity than anything.

  • 2eo

    @zaneymcbanes: Weird, why do you and Ron Jackson share the same IP address?

    Oh right.

  • Ron Jackson

    Some of you need to stop the shrillness. Producer credits as Zaneymcbanes says don’t mean squat concerning money. Yes it does increase Cards profile. If you have read any of his other books you will know that none of the other “Speaker” books is going to be made into a film. They don’t have the same appeal as Enders Game.

    Any film you go to has bigots involved in it. Whether they be producers, directors, actors, riggers, stunt men, or the guy that feeds the crew. You should all probably just stop watching any form of entertainment at all.

  • Ron Jackson

    @2eo: Wow, are you clueless.

  • Fitz

    It is just so sad how Queerty is in the pocket of the corporations now. I guess this site is strictly for PG 13 pics and snarky gossip.

  • sideout

    I think it’s a little petty to be boycotting this. The guy is a homophobe… such a rarity. Isn’t there a better way to go about this than extremism?
    Also – how many other people worked on this film? And, playing the odds, how many people involved in the making of the film are LGBT or allies? Let’s not be overly sensitive here folks.

  • Caliban

    Yes, sideout, I’m SO sure Harrison Ford will be out on the streets if we boycott this POS movie!

    The crew that worked on this film and the “lesser” actors have ALREADY been paid for their work. A boycott doesn’t affect them in the least. The “name” actors and the PRODUCERS (such as Orson Scott Card) who DO stand to make money based on ticket sales are in no danger of going hungry and should have done a little research before getting into bed with Card, who is a RABID homophobe. Why not ask the Grand Dragon of the KKK to be a producer on a film while they’re at it? Because that’s about the level of anti-gay animus Card has expressed in his Op-Eds, his writing, and his political activities.

    Frankly, yours is a STUPID argument.

  • Ron Jackson

    @Caliban: Wrong. Even “lesser” actors get residuals.

  • Greg Garavani

    This movie looks lame anyways, who wants to watch some kid that a pedophile dreamed of saving the world from Aliens? Personally I think it would’ve been more interesting if the Aliens would’ve just wiped off all the people on the planet.

  • Jake357

    What I don’t get is all those saying no to the boycott–and not for any high-falutin’ morals. I just don’t get why you would even care. You act like you’re afraid for this film’s little feelings. Oh, no!! Don’t boycott it. That’s like super mean! That may be taking empathy too far. A lot of people want to boycott it and with good reason. If you’re not one of them, go ahead and watch it. Just be aware that it likely–however indirectly–will line the coffers of anti-gay orgs.

  • note4mark

    @Jake357: “…if it’s going to Card, it’s probably also going to the National Organization for Marriage.”
    Yes, quite possibly, but I would add that about 10% of whatever he makes from this film will almost certainly go to the LDS Church, aka the shriekingly homophobic Mormons. I was a Mormon missionary for two years and try to atone for that youthful error in my middle age when I can. I prefer other more direct forms of masochism that giving this guy even one penny or helping his books sell better.

  • Stache1

    @Cam: Thanks for bring that to light. Yeah, if it goes to franchise like they want then Card will be a VERY wealthy man. Just like the Koch brothers fund their favorite right wing projects. With Card though we already know where and what he’s going to be supporting.

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