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Gen. James Amos Welcomes Homos To the Marines

Well isn’t this quite the welcoming committee. Even though Marine chief Gen. James Amos testified before the Senate that repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would be a stupid “distraction” that would inevitably cost his troops their limbs in combat (because everyone would be thinking about getting back to base for a soapy shower, not the mission at hand), he did insist that if everyone signed off on repeal, he’d fall into line and educate his men and women on the new rules.

Talking about how “our fidelity to one another is our moral compass that guides us” and how it is the “foundation of being a Marine is all about,” Gen. Amos and Sgt. Maj. Carlon Kent released this video — complete with cuts to troops looking courageous! — to prepare troops to “step out smartly to faithfully implement this new law.” Something about needing to “treat each other with dignity and respect.” Even homosexuals.

This is pretty wonderful.

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  • kayla

    I never really understood why Congress brought these Generals to testify anyway. Their job has always been to follow the orders of the POTUS and the U.S. Congress, not the other way around. The General is doing what he took an oath to do…He doesn’t deserve any extra praise for it! All the fools, who were expecting some sort of military revolt or protest will be sadly disappointed! John McCain must be crouched over in a corner somewhere, weeping…all those future lost limbs…oh the humanity!

  • Cam

    @kayla: said…

    John McCain must be crouched over in a corner somewhere, weeping…all those future lost limbs…oh the humanity!”

    That would mean that he actually had real opinions or cared. McCain is only interested in whatever issue will get him in the news at the moment. Trust me, he’s moved on and probably doesn’t even remember DADT sad to say.

  • Bradley Evans

    How about this for a DADT rollout. STOP the prosecutions and shut your sorry mouths.

  • Shannon1981

    Well at least they seem to be accepting it. But more than likely because they have no choice. Still, great step forward. I don’t give a damn what individuals think about this, they’ll have to abide by the new rules or else.

    As for McCain, he is a fool. Who really cares.

  • reason

    While I vehemently disagreed with most of Gen. Amos testimony on the hill, he is clearly a capable leader. Things may not have gone his way, but unlike the narcissistic characters like McCain and Lieberman that litter our society the General and Sergeant Major will do their jobs to the best of their ability. He already had stated if the law was to be changed that the Marine Corps. would lead the world in implementation because being exceptional is synonymous with being a Marine. That is why they are the CMC and SMMC, they are both exceptional leaders.

    The generals most defiantly should have been there to have their say in the debate. They know the armed services better than anyone in this country. Their job descriptions go way beyond following orders, they are also their to give the best advice to their leaders. That is why the president has a JCS, to present him with sound options and advice so he can make good decisions. The president doesn’t just dream up battle plans or become an expert of the military by osmosis the day he becomes the CIC, nor does he just bark out orders off the top of his head without a thorough briefing and debate.

  • PopSnap

    There are plenty of LGBT’s in the military as it is. No need to welcome any new ones.

    Being gay/les/bi just isn’t a big deal anymore. We’re pretty accepted for the most part. That goes for the military, too I have yet to meet a person who didn’t like me for the sole reason that I’m gay, and I am 18.

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