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Gen. Petraeus: ‘Time Has Come to Change DADT’

Because it would take too long: “Petraeus says he has an eight-minute statement on #DADT, but Levin says that would take up a committee’s members entire question time.”

UPDATE: Petraeus did speak, but without that lengthy statement, in his first public remarks declaring an actual position. He says: “I believe the time has come to consider a change to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But I think it should be done in a thoughtful and deliberative matter that should include the conduct of the review that Secretary Gates has directed that would consider the views in the force on the change of policy. It would include an assessment of the likely effects on recruiting, retention, morale and cohesion and would include an identification of what policies might be needed in the event of a change and recommend those polices as well.” Of course, you critics are going to focus in on the word “change,” aren’t ya?