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Gender-fluid actor and model Harry Hains dies, aged 27

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A rising actor and model has died at the age of 27. Harry Hains’ death was announced via his mother, Jane Badler, on Instagram.

She posted: “On Jan 7 my beautiful son died . He was 27 and had the world at his feet . But sadly he struggled with mental illness and addiction . A brilliant spark shone bright too short a time .. I will miss you Harry every day of my life.”

She added that there will be a memorial service for Hains at Hollywood Forever cemetery this Sunday (Jan, 12). No cause of death has been revealed.

Badler is also an actor. She appeared in Austalia’s Neighbours, along with Falcon Crest in the US. She played Diana in the 1983 cult sci-fi series, V.

Hains was raised in Melbourne, Australia. He moved to London and to pursue careers in modeling and acting, before relocating to New York and then Los Angeles.


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He appeared in a 2015 episode of American Horror Story and a 2019 episode of The OA, among other acting credits. He was signed to Chadwick Modelling Agency. He also performed as a musician under the moniker Antiboy.

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Last year, in an interview with gay magazine Attitude, he expressed the desire to become a “gender-fluid” icon.

When asked to describe his musical persona, Antiboy, he said, he was “a trans human/android from a future in which all social constructs – including gender, sexuality and race – have been destroyed. Labels are no longer being used to describe human behavior and characteristics.”

When asked if he used any labels to describe his own gender or sexuality, he replied, “Everything is on a spectrum. We are not one thing. We can be anything.”


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In an interview with Boys by Girls last March, he again said he preferred not to apply labels to himself (he used he/him pronouns).

“I don’t like the idea of labels. If I had to pick a label it would be in the realm of gender fluid. I know that I am born male but I don’t think I represent what it means to be a man. I believe we should be whatever we want. It gets kind of confusing when we start labeling ourselves so I try to stay away from labels.”

He added, “I grew up in Melbourne and I had a very open and accepting family. Dating someone of either sex didn’t make a difference to me.”

Hains’ final Instagram posting was on New Year’s Eve: “To 2020! The new era has already begun. So let’s all keep only moving forward, staying so present to enjoy each and every moment throughout this beautiful new beginning. Happy New Year, peeps. So much love and gratitude for all in my life.”