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Gender Reassignment Does Not, In Fact, Disqualify This Teacher From Working With Kids

Andrea (nee Walter S.), 58-year-old transgender Autrian woman, is not going to lose her teaching job because of gender reassignment surgery! The instructor wrote her students via email that when they returned in the fall, they might notice something different about her. But after an outcry from upset parents, the education ministry — part of the same government that created this stamp — has dismissed any notion that Andrea is unfit to teach just because she’s changing genders. “Schools are home to tolerance, not discrimination,” the agency said in a statement. That’s not the only good news for Andrea.

The married father-cum-mother of one is married — and isn’t seeing her wife Martha disappear. Says the newfound lesbian partner: “I was shocked at first and though about getting divorced. But then I started meditating, and I found strengths in Buddhism. Now we live in a ‘lesbian partnership’. I had to let Walter go and took on Andrea instead.”