Gene “Gay Bishop” Robinson Goes For Obama

Anglican Bishop Gene Robinson knows who he’d like to see in the Oval Office: Barack Obama.

Openly gay Robinson, whose 2003 ascension to as New Hampshire’s top Episcopal slot sparked in international scandal, cites Obama unifying vision as one of the senator’s selling points:

As my work shows me every day, leadership means bringing people together and inspiring them to live out their values. Barack Obama sees beyond the partisanship and hopelessness that have dominated in recent years, and the movement he’s building is bringing vital new energy and optimism into our democratic process. I’m excited to work with Barack to bridge the old divides and make this country one again.

Obama’s experience with racist discrimination also swayed the 60-year old theologian’s vote.

Senator Obama, meanwhile, describes Robinson as “the best of American values: a generous faith, a commitment to fairness and respect, and an abiding belief in the possibilities of every individual.” He also “looks forward” to his “support”.