Gene Robinson Lets Loose

Gay Archbishop Gene Robinson loves the Anglican Church, but that doesn’t mean he’s not livid about the way the international movement’s leaders treat their homo brethren:

Gay people have been abused, really, by the church, and just mindlessly suggesting that they go back is like telling an abused spouse to go back to her husband. But what I say is that God and the church aren’t the same thing. The church has gotten this and many other things wrong. God hasn’t gotten it wrong.

Moreover, the church that you left may not be the church that’s there now. There has been a lot of change. It doesn’t mean that every church is safe, but there are enough safe places that gay and lesbian people can find a place that will really welcome them.

Robinson also took some time recently to blast the city’s anti-gay Archbishop, Dr Peter Jensen: “It is ironic that the Sydney Diocese, taking in one of the great gay cities of the world, is also among the most bigoted.”