Gene Robinson: Openly Gay Bishop, Funnyman


Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson showed up The Daily Show last night and talked about meeting Rev. Warren, whether America could ever have a gay or lesbian President and while there wasn’t time for Stewart to ask what Robinson thought about the broadcast flub (conspiracy! conspiracy!), the Bishop did manage to go toe-to-toe with the Comedy Central host in the witty chess jokes department.

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  • dsdrane

    I missed this, so thank you for posting this, Japhy. You have become my go-to guy for all things Episcopalian and Gay (and I’ve been trying to share the wealth over at

  • Ed

    Props should also be given to Stewart for mentioning the mysteriously disappearing invocation at the beginning of the show, when he speculated maybe it was left out because the Bishop could get “salty” delivered with that great, over-the-top ironic style Stewart does so well.

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    What’s the matter? Buchanon, Lincoln, and Kennedy don’t count?

  • ChicagoJimmy

    I just gotta say that Gene Robinson is a class act. He wiped the floor with Rick Warren in the prayer department and truly comes off as a guy trying to do good things rather than an icky snake-oil salesman. Rick makes me want to wash my hands just seeing him on TV.

  • ask ena

    No Kidding ChicagoJimmy,
    Talk about drama queen! I thought Rick Warren was goimg to start speaking in tongues at any moment. What a bogus hypocrite, talking about equality and love.

    Can someone PLEASE entrap this guy in an airport bathroom already??

  • Pete

    Hilarious! I loved his prayer and it’s about time that HBO included it.

  • rick

    saw the bishop last night. LOVED HIM! he is charming and witty and funny. hell even i would like to go to his church!

  • Bill

    I usually flip to the local weather when Stewart does his interview, so I was so glad that I stuck around to see the Robinson interview. I laughed right out loud and was hoping that some websites would pick up his line about the “queen on the board” today. Jon really listens to his guests and so when one gets in a good line, he can appreciate it!

  • Bill

    @ask ena: Especially the way he pronounced Obama’s daughters’ names. That was downright creepy.

  • vanicegin6

    I believe they will get more. Having so many people help gay makes gay happy.Most LGBT are also more of happy, but not sad. I just know the bisexual at Bimingle Com will have a party when gay get one more right and one more support of others.

  • Shark

    @Bill: Totally. Warren sounded like he wanted to dip into the kiddie pool when he talked about Malia and Sasha.

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