Gene Robinson Sez, “Hey Dudes, Just Chill…”

It seems a day doesn’t pass without another article on the seemingly imminent breakdown of the worldwide Anglican Church, a distintegration exasperated by the American Episcopal Church’s own infighting. Well, you know what, man-loving Archbishop Gene Robinson’s had enough.

Speaking in Hartford on Monday, Robinson said the media (that’s us) should stop blowing things out of proportion. He also took some time to admonish the bickering Bible thumpers, saying:

In a world facing 40 million people dying of AIDS and an increasing gap between rich and poor, this seems like a waste of our time and energy, debating the rightness and wrongness of gay and lesbian people and their relationships… I think it breaks God’s heart that we would be focusing on such an internal issue, instead of focusing upon the world which, as I understand it, Jesus called us to…

Robinson left for the Sundance directly after the speech, saying, “Hey, the world includes celebrity-saturated film festivals, bitches!”

Robinson’s in Sundance to help promote For The Bible Tells Me So: the Grand Jury nominated documentary in which he and four other gay Christians appear And, by the looks of this picture, he’ll be scoring some wicked Andrew Sullivan and cruising the slopes. Sweet.