General Mills Arsonist Michael Leisner Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack

We honestly assumed the saga of street preacher Michael Leisner—who set fire to a box of Cheerios outside General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley, MN—just had a typical three-part story arc: He was filmed calling Cheerios “the treat now for the homosexuals” before setting the cereal aflame; then his inane antics were posted on YouTube for millions to laugh at his stupidity and bigotry; and finally he was fired from his job as a real-estate agent.

But there’s a sad coda to his tale: Leisner, 65, died on Saturday of an apparent heart attack. He was discovered in his car by his son (who had actually posted Dad’s moronic pyrotechnics online in the first place) and was taken to the hospital, where he later died of a massive heart attack.

He might have been our enemy, but we take no joy in Leisner death. It’s just a shame that the act that brought him the most attention was one spurred by hate.