General Mills Arsonist Michael Leisner Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack

We honestly assumed the saga of street preacher Michael Leisner—who set fire to a box of Cheerios outside General Mills headquarters in Golden Valley, MN—just had a typical three-part story arc: He was filmed calling Cheerios “the treat now for the homosexuals” before setting the cereal aflame; then his inane antics were posted on YouTube for millions to laugh at his stupidity and bigotry; and finally he was fired from his job as a real-estate agent.

But there’s a sad coda to his tale: Leisner, 65, died on Saturday of an apparent heart attack. He was discovered in his car by his son (who had actually posted Dad’s moronic pyrotechnics online in the first place) and was taken to the hospital, where he later died of a massive heart attack.

He might have been our enemy, but we take no joy in Leisner death. It’s just a shame that the act that brought him the most attention was one spurred by hate.



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  • JohnStark

    The guy in the general Mills protest setting fire to a bowl of cheerios is not 65?
    He might be late 5os’ if that…Just not believable he’s 65.

  • Franco

    I didn’t really consider him an enemy. Just a sad man.

  • sfbeast

    god has spoken

  • Larkin

    hate burns your heart… and he had a lot of hate.

  • Chad

    Sad how if this had been a pro-gay person dies, people like Pat Robertson wouold be saying it was god’s punishment. But since he was anti-gay and if anyone says it’s god’s punishment we are being incensitive.

  • Fitz

    Shame on his family. When they saw him acting so hysterically, (the arson), the should have sought medical/psych help. He might have had another 15 years on the planet if he had learned to focus on his health instead.

  • MikeE

    I can only imagine that the amount of anger necessary for him to do what he did, and feel how he did about LGBT people, must not be good for the body. You carry around that much hatred, it’s got to be stressful in some way.

  • Kev C

    He may have been a cereal arsonist but God’s wrath struck him down like He did Don Perry of Chick-kil-A

  • Neo

    There is no joy in a death, but by the same token there is also no sadness. A man consumed by hate so much that it took his life, a sad place for anyone to be at.

  • hf2hvit

    As the bible says, “Happiest is he who tends to his own garden.”

  • Kiro

    I don’t feel bad for him. It’s a wonderful gift in my mind that our enemies are as mortal and weak as we are.
    I hope he realized that if God truly favored anyone, they would be made somehow superior to others.

  • Name (required)

    I’ve heard worse news

  • 1equalityUSA

    Hate is not heart-smart.

  • jj


  • the other Greg

    Will his sister come here to give us another lecture? She bragged about he’d never had alcohol even once in his whole life. Maybe he should have. You know what they say lately about moderate drinking, and the resveratrol (?) in red wine.

    @1equalityUSA: “Hate is not heart-smart.”

    Bee happy, bee healthy! (Remember they were the Honey Nut Cheerios.) And you’re supposed to eat the stuff instead of setting fire to it.

  • Global Traveler

    Hate is an acid that destroys the vessel in which it is carried.

  • James

    @beckleo: OMFG you troll. don’t believe it peopl. i bet she lives under a bridge and eats goats. TROLL TROLL TROLL.

  • Blah Blah..huh?

    Jesus asked him, “did you keep the home fires burning, my son”? and Dummy showed him this vid. Why does that guy even bother judging his believers anyway? He must get the joke by now….

  • deeart

    Mike left this world the same way he went through life; “With both guns blazing!” – Leaving a clear path for everyone to follow. Mike knew that God hated sin, but loved sinners, and made a way for them through Jesus Christ to find eternal life. Mike lived his convictions right to the end and is now in the glorious presence of the Lord! – something no unrepentant sinner will ever experience. All you who think his death is funny – will stand in judgment.
    May we all live our godly convictions in such boldness!

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